There is something very special about a mechanical watch, yet the heritage, the craftsmanship and the beauty is often lost behind the conflicting simplicity of a watch face.

Each watch in the Gentlemen's collection subtly showcases a stunning Japanese automatic movement behind an intricately detailed dial.

Designed in the UK and crafted with hand picked premium materials.

Self Winding Mechanical Movement

Automatic/self-winding watches are often chosen as the perfect combination of character and heritage of the mechanical watch, without the need to manually wind the movement each day.

Our chosen Japanese movement is no different. A truly stunning display of horology, complete with a 42 hour power reserve. Crafted with precision while avoiding the mark-up that comes with the Swiss label.

316L Stainless Steel

Each case and metallic band is crafted from 316L stainless steel, chosen over other material variants for its impressive strength and corrosion resistance, even in salt water environments.

(You'll find 316L is often used in diving equipment for the same reasons).

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the bee’s knee’s.


The best you can get when it comes to leather. Contrary to the name, full grain leather is not grainy in appearance or feel, but has a smooth richness that is only achievable with a cut of full, unaltered hide in its natural form. 

A step up from most marked as "genuine leather", which covers anything that is technically leather, no matter how processed and altered it is.

Full grain is the real deal.

Swiss Super-LumiNova

Ensuring all day and all night usability with Swiss Super-LumiNova coatings. Our chosen BGW9 lume is transparent in daylight with a long lasting blue night glow. 

During the development of the collection, we tested a number of different coatings and found that C1, for example, just didn't perform as well as we had hoped. C3 lume on the other hand, performed well in the glow test but we didn't think the yellow day time tint matched the Gentlemen's clean look. 

The Swiss BGW9 is the best of both worlds, a lovely and long lasting blue glow at night without the yellow-ish look in the day.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

The nightmare for any watch owner is having a scratch across the glass.

That's why we're using sapphire crystal glass on all of our watches. Famed for its superior scratch resistance and with a hardness rating just less than that of diamond, you'll have a hard time scratching this one even if you want to.


"With Super-LumiNova coatings topping off the open-heart design, what's not to love!?"

- Esquire

"A new business with big ideas"

- British GQ

"Pompeak has taken the next step into becoming a serious British watchmaker with the Gentlemen's collection, horological elegance incarnate" "Better yet, it's affordable - incredibly so"


-Oracle Time

 "An absolutely eye-catching open-heart"


Yanko Designs

"Devilishly dapper"


The Coolector



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